B civil aviation the presence or absence of the appropriate insurance policy can affect financial well-being of the owner of an aircraft (and sometimes the entire company) in an extremely serious scale. Try to understand how important an insurance policy in times when every penny enterprises account for that and how to insure and whether to try to save money on insurance policy.

If aircraft (plane or helicopter) is acquired under the leasing scheme, special options at the operator’s or owner no: hull will have to insure on terms agreed with the leasing company and, most likely, the creditor Bank. And if any was purchased for the currency, and the sum insured in the policy is also established in the currency and the premiums are also tied to exchange rate. Increased rate — increased monthly payments in rubles, not only lease, but also insurance. Responsibility before the third parties during flights, the situation is about the same. Because the limits when flying, no one was reduced, and there is no policy, no flights.

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