Is it possible in aviation, to save on the insurance policy? On the one hand, in tough times, every penny, on the other — no appropriate insurance policy, in contrast to real-life situations, can seriously affect the financial welfare of the owner (and sometimes the entire company).

If the aircraft purchased under leasing scheme special choices of the operator or the owner has no insurance will have to insure, and on terms agreed with the leasing company and, most likely, the creditor Bank. Hardly they will agree to enter into the situation of the airline and reduce the cost of insurance: if the aircraft was purchased for the currency, and the sum insured in the policy is also established in the currency and the premiums are also tied to exchange rate. Increased rate — increased monthly payments in rubles, not only lease, but also insurance. With liability to third parties when flying abroad the situation is the same. The limits remain the same, the premium in monetary terms too. But without a policy to not fly.

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