More about the author: Ilya Kabachnik, Deputy General Director, Director aviation insurance, AlfaStrakhovanie

The crash of the aircraft of the airline flydubai in Rostov-on-don, among other things, caused a great number of comments about the expected (or “required by law”) compensation to the relatives of the dead passengers. Unfortunately, most of these comments coming from journalists, lawyers, officials and people of other professions, which are inaccessible to me the logic of the media fall into the category of experts, the illiterate and give the readers a false understanding of the situation.

It is very sad, because, ultimately, there is only one group of people for whom information about compensation arrangements is important, is that of our compatriots who lost their loved ones. Intentionally or unintentionally issued to broadcast false information confusing people, which, of course, and without it are in a state of extreme stress. But no matter how much the airlines and their insurers nor asserted, and begged that any issued after an aircraft accident, the information on compensation was verified and accurate, every time the headlines are statements that are remotely related to reality.

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And this is despite the fact that airlines and insurance companies to meet their obligations to pay compensations, immediately respond to incidents, provide support to the families of the victims. It would seem at least professional lawyers and public officials have or should have complete information produced from past disaster payments, should know how actually is the case, but every incident pandemonium reviews in the media starts again!