For anybody not a secret that the level of risk in the operation of helicopters is much higher than in the operation of aircraft. In relation to insurance of the owners and operators of helicopters are concerned about the high premiums that have to pay, and quite hard in some cases conditions of insurance. Let’s try to figure out whether to fly a helicopter is so dangerous and why some insurers are not so loyal to the owners of helicopters.

Sad numbers

According to the statistics of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC), from the beginning of 2018 in Russia there were 35 accidents (statistics include how damaged the aircraft and completely destroyed any possible victims). 12 of them are helicopters, while in 10 cases out of 12 we are talking about a full (or rather full) loss of the helicopter and only two cases involve partial damage to helicopters. Meanwhile, only four incidents of the above 35 are incident with the aircraft, 12 helicopters, the remaining 19 aircraft touched sports, small and ultralight aircraft, gyroplanes and other flying “Carlson”.

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