In 2013, held 2 meetings of the Committee, Russian air transport operators Association and discussed the 6 questions:

  • on changes in the VC of the Russian Federation, connected with the accession of Russia to the Montreal Convention;
  • about the performance by the airlines of the provisions of the law 67-FZ;
  • the necessity of legal regulation the requirements of article 132 of the Russian Federation;
  • about the need to abolish checks Rostransnadzor mandatory presence on Board of documents, insurance of the crew members as excessive and withdrawal of FAP-128 this feature;
  • on the strategy of insurance development in Russia up to 2020. in the part relating to civil aviation.

Important activities of the Committee in 2013 was to protect the interests of carriers in various legislative initiatives, exchange of experience in the insurance, training of personnel carriers, organization of insurance protection and settlement of insurance losses, the formation and upholding of a consolidated position of operators on aviation insurance.

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