Insurance broker “Sealine” is a professional player of the insurance market and places of major risks, including providing services with the insurance airlines, airports and aircraft manufacturers. Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Sealine” of Malabekov Anwar told correspondents Show Observer about the prospects and risks for new and existing projects.

Anwar Of Malabekov,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Sealine” ::

Anwar, let’s first explain: if we are talking about insurance in the field of aviation, what it is, and what role in the process is the broker?

— In the matter of insurance of large risks, we provide services that accommodate risks of a full cycle for eight of our partners – the airlines of the first twenties, as well as a number of airports, including the two largest in the Russian Federation. In addition, we place part of the responsibility of producers SSJ and the test and test flight of our new aircraft MS-21. Our role is not limited only to formation of insurance and reinsurance protection, also in our area of responsibility includes full support for the settlement of small and large insured events. For airlines who take the aircraft on lease, is mandatory for hull insurance and aircraft liability insurance, they also include insurance, war risk insurance and war risk liability — we are talking about the portfolio of services. Minimum limits prescribed by the lessor, and in the case of flight operations in different countries — we are talking about significant amounts. Since not all insurance companies can sign a major share of the airlines or insurers are turning to us as brokers, and we, in turn, place the risks on the international markets and Lloyd’s, working through the Economics of the transaction.

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