Political conflict, trade wars and manifestations of antiglobalization (for example, Brexit) in recent years a negative influence on the development of the global aviation industry. Companies is becoming more difficult to promote their products to the international market in terms of trade restrictions and sanctions. Those producers who get into some kind of isolation switch to import substitution, which today can be seen in the Russian aircraft industry.

However, the limited domestic demand will always force the aircraft manufacturers to look for an exit on the world market, and to enter into cooperation with other companies to find the necessary components and technologies.

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In this regard, it is of interest commitment of holding “Helicopters of Russia” to enter the Western market with the developed helicopter VRT500. This is a promising sun is created in the class of light single-engine turbine machines up to 2 tons, in which the Russian vertoletostroenie will be presented for the first time.

However, a few years ago, “Helicopters of Russia” expects to restart the project single-engine piston helicopter Mi-34 (development of the 80-ies) primarily through the use of a gas turbine engine Arrius 2F. In the end, this plan came to nothing.

Note that VRT500 develops, OOO “VR-Technologies” (according to the register, 99% belongs to the “Helicopters of Russia”, 1% — mil im. Mile).

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Company “VR-Technologies” is positioned as an innovative KB holding to ensure helicopters of competitive scientific and technical solutions. In contrast to the “Russian Helicopters” “VR-Technologies” is not formally mentioned in the Western sanctions list, which probably gives the possibility of KB more productive to work with foreign partners.