Probably somewhere in the textbooks on aviation insurance you can read that in the calculation of rates of insurance premiums in the sun you need to consider the actual value of the aircraft, indicators of passenger-kilometers, the number of passenger or cargo areas, monetary value of loss of aircraft of this type in recent years etc. But how to be with new aircraft types, or relatively new, modified, as, for example, L-410UVP-E20 (the upgraded version of the aircraft L-410 with a new turboprop engine H80-200) or TVs-2MS (An-2, ramacharitmanas engine TPE331)?

Suspicious type

The head of Department of settlement of losses of the special risk insurance OSAO “Ingosstrakh” Vadim Semenkov told the ATO that, in the first place, the insurer must determine whether the new aircraft prototype, undergoing testing, or have already certified model, allowed to operate.

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“If we are talking about the prototype, the conditions are very individual, but most likely the insurance premium for the producer will be much higher than when insuring production models, explained Semenkov. — How much higher depends on many factors, but mostly from as far as Nova prototype model and what is the program tests. If we are talking about models that are already certified (ensures that the armed forces, usually the airline), the conditions of insurance will be close to normal. Moreover, if the manufacturer has a good reputation, the model is certified and has no obvious negative factors influencing the risk, the stakes can be even less than average for the market.”

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New sun – a better risk for insurers.