On December 9 the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation held a Round table “On the first experience of implementation of the Federal law No. 67-FZ “On compulsory insurance of civil liability of the carrier for damage to life, health, property of passengers and on the procedure for compensation of such harm caused at transportations of passengers by underground”. Problems and solutions”.

Representatives of the Russian air transport operators Association in their speeches drew the attention of Roundtable participants that the Federal law of 14.06.2012 № 67-FZ and its related regulations require revision, taking into account:

  1. The provisions of the Montreal Convention 1999 for the unification of rules for international carriage by air in the part regulating the compensation of damage inflicted during the transportation, and the characteristics of the liability insurance carriers, the ratification of which the Russian Federation is expected in 2014;
  2. The need to clarify Article 5, in part of the procedure for recognition of existing contracts for the international insurance carriers in the framework of the Federal law of 14.06.2012 № 67-FZ and/or exclusion of air carriers under this law after the ratification of the Convention;
  3. Necessary amendments to the Federal law of 16.07.1999 № 165-FZ “About bases of obligatory social insurance” to resolve conflicts of application of two Federal laws that today the bodies of the FSS to present a subrogation claim to the carriers for insurance events in respect of which the insurers have already paid compensation in the framework of the Federal law of 14.06.2012 № 67-FZ and/or contracts for the international insurance.
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