B 2017 participants of the market of aviation insurance and reinsurance to tighten its policy. Experts believe that insurers who for several years suffered, realized that keeping the previous course will not allow them to reverse this trend, which the market began to form a more disciplined model, aimed at self-preservation. In the power of the emerging changes, the access of airlines to the insurance next year could get worse. About this ATO said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Axiom InRe Jaroslav Dildyaev.
The aviation insurance market losses for several years. “In 2013, foreign insurers and reinsurers have begun to complain that, in fact, formed a technical loss. If this year we will apply the fixed costs of any insurer, it becomes clear that they left in a minus”, — said the expert. In 2014 and 2015 losses have ceased to be technical and become real. In 2016 the insurance cases were less, and its consequences were not so disastrous as before. However, according to Gildeeva, “the collection of premiums fell so low that even these insurance cases have already chose all the prize.”
Speaking about the peculiarities of the market, the expert has allocated a steady stream of minor routine insurance claims. “Every year in the last three or four years, according to our estimates, minor routine insurance cases collected in the total amount of claims from 450 to $ 600 million.”, — he explained.
Among the factors that should contribute to changes in the market, significantly increased the selectivity of insurers when renewing the contracts. Selection of risks is used to protect their positions and protection from further losses. “It is clear that contracts with a high loss ratio always differed in the conditions, and now they attract special attention. Now the decision on renewal of such contracts is taken to the level of the bosses. In Russia there are about the same. In the foreseeable future, the vector of pricing policy is expected to change to ascending”, — said Gildeev.
So, according to the expert, from-for changes of mood in the market changed the situation. “Bipartite” the market changed “Trecastagni”: for the individual assessment of the insurance risk, insurers identified in a separate, third group of policyholders with a poor loss ratio statistics (we are talking about carriers with prolonged total loss of contracts, airlines have suffered losses due to large insurance claims, and operators who have poor statistics routine insurance cases). Two other groups presented airlines with high limits of the sum insured and carriers with low limits.
Today, insurers are trying to set a high premium rates and to reduce the amount of insurance protection (i.e., to tighten the terms of the contract). Feel better carriers with high limits of the sum insured. “For them clearly the market is soft, the best conditions. They have discounts in insurance premiums and greater amount of insurance coverage. For this segment of the market have excess capacity,” — said Yaroslav Dildyaev.
Because the actual appreciation of the services of insurers, which result in a tightening of terms of contracts, increased selectivity and capacity limitation for some categories of carriers, many customers think about hedging tool. “They want for some time to keep rates at the previous level, at least for some period. For this there are certain mechanisms,” — said the expert.

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