“Design features of the Boeing 787 needs to change its approach to underwriting and insurance”, — said General Director of Airclaims CIS Boris Bychkov at the conference of the Russian Association of aviation and space insurers (raaks). — We have something to fear in case of damage of the fuselage of the aircraft. Today is possible to install the external patches with a diameter of not more than 10 cm in the carbon fiber fuselage of the Boeing 787, but what to do in case of larger damage, it is not entirely clear.”

This year one of the operators already faced with the need to restore elements of the fuselage. By plane Ethiopian airlines Ethiopian Airlines has damaged the door trim. Was made temporary repairs — damage sealed with the patch. However, Boeing recommended that the replacement of this section of the fuselage as a whole. The Boeing 787 fuselage — one-piece design, made of composite materials. Section of the fuselage assembled glue joints. “This carbon fiber “pipe” that needs to be filled with passenger seats, wiring, kitchens, toilets, internal lining, insulation and other damage must be completely replaced. The actual figures on this repair yet, but, according to our estimates (we were talking with Boeing), makes anywhere from 20 to 50 million dollars. one such damage,” — said Bychkov. This raises many questions on technology to perform similar repairs. Including not clear how long it will take to replace. “When you look at this plane the impression that the risks of Russian insurers increased in times, — said Bychkov. Because such damages incurred by Ethiopian Airlines, at the Moscow airports for the year recorded not one, not two, and, I think, more than a dozen”.

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