Presentation airline international insurance companies gives the chance to significantly reduce the amount of insurance premium that will later have to pay the carrier. But in order to get a good result, the airline needs a creative approach to the creation of the presentation itself, to find the right information and send to the meeting with the insurers the right employees. The theme of competent performance of the carrier before insurers were discussed this year at the forum “Wings of Russia”.

Involvement of key employees of the airline allows to make the presentation much more effective. Full repetition of last year’s information or three-dimensional work 60 slides will lead potential partners down, so this option should be avoided. How exactly and what information on the fleet, passenger traffic, the geography of flights of the company, financial performance, key losses, etc. will demonstrate the carrier will depend on the size of the discount provided by insurance companies from the technical price of insurance coverage (it is calculated on the basis of statistics of the carrier and/or of the market). The whole presentation of the carrier must prove to partners that the possibility of abnormal situations in the company is minimal. “Get ready to describe in detail the structure of a service that deals with safety, its budget airlines, information about the IOSA certificate, information about PLG, etc.” — said in his report at the international forum “Wings of Russia” Deputy General Director of the Insurance broker “Malakut” Catherine Habrosyne.

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