The insurance rates of the airlines in 2019 could rise on average by 10%, according to insurers. The changes mainly will affect those carriers that most of the risks given in reinsurance abroad. The experts also deem it necessary to increase twice the rates for helicopter operators.

For large operators the rates for comprehensive insurance can be comparable with the rates for business jets, which are operated with much less intensity

B recent years, tariffs in the Russian market of aviastroenie (and international) declined steadily — on average by 10-15% per year. This was told by Deputy General Director of JSC AlfaStrakhovanie for aviation insurance Ilya Kabachnik in the framework of the X International conference “Aviation and space insurance in Russia” organized by Russian Association of aviation and space insurers (raaks).

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“Therefore, in the aggregate for the five years, the insurance rates dropped by 70%, — the expert added. — There are airlines that precisely take out the money from the insurers and have that bring in the money, despite the reduction in tariffs. But there is always the risk of a major incident.”

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