In recent years, cases of the requirements of the management bodies of the state supervision in civil aviation about the location on Board the aircraft of original documents on the insurance of the crew members of the aircraft and a list of names of insured members of the crew. In this regard, we request clarification on the application of p. 5.68 Federal aviation rules “Preparation and performance of flights in civil aviation of the Russian Federation” approved by Order of Ministry of transport of Russia from 31.07.2009, No. 128 (the FAP-128).

In particular, according to this item on the aircraft needs to be a list of ship documents, including insurance policies for members of the flight crew (article 132 of the Air code of the Russian Federation) and liability of the aircraft owner to third parties for harm caused to life or health or property of third parties in the operation of aircraft (article 131 of the Air code of the Russian Federation).

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