The question of insurance of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has arisen, probably, from the start of production the first more or less serious of this type of device. The interest insurance exhibit both producers and sellers, buyers and drones. The latter are concerned about the safety of their flying property, and some of the most advanced, is not averse to insure the liability in the operation of UAVs — similar to the CTP and the responsibility of the owner and operator of the aircraft.

Try to consider some aspects of UAV insurance. In General, the insurance drone is almost equivalent to the insurance of conventional manned aircraft: it is possible to comprehensively insure the aircraft itself, as well as when flying and operating such a device. However, there is a difference, as the UAV does not carry (at least not yet) passengers and, therefore, will have to insure only liability to third parties and liability for the cargo (if any) under commercial operation.

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